Inspiration Monday - Levin Rambin

Monday, December 12, 2011

I can't say I've heard of Levin Rambin but that doesn't stop me joining in with the Two Birds for Inspiration Monday.

Fearing the raging winds howling outside my window I decided to take this inside. I prefer outside outfit pics but I hate being buffered by the wind even more, so you'll have to make do with my door-less wardrobe instead. I'm rather hoping Father Christmas will pop a few doors in my stocking *crosses fingers*...

Tops H&M, Zara jeans, bag a gift

You can be sure that before venturing out I added a scarf, chunky knee length cardigan and gloves to this outfit. Layering is what I'm all about at the moment.

I'm a little disappointed, I was all set to do a 100 follower giveaway and then I lost a follower. I've had lost posters made up but, so far, no one has seen her...

Hope you're all keeping warm! Only 13 sleeps until Christmas...

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  1. Never heard of her either, but i do like the outfit. Thank the lord for layers eh! It's rather nippy without them.

    Hope your missing follower turns up! I'll keep my eyes peeled incase I see her.

    X x

  2. @Please may I? Hehe thanks lovely - send her home with her tail between her legs!

  3. Those jeans look great on you they fit so well. I didn't manage to find anything to wear for this look sadly.
    Hope your missing follower returns soon ;)

  4. i love these jeans! the pocket detail is so cute and it doesn't hurt that they look amazing on you!

  5. Great look! I hope your follower shows up somewhere!I also prefer outside pictures but the weather and the number of daylight hours just doesn't seem to help me.

  6. Ah I feel bad for you so I have signed up as a Blogger follower so now you have 10 squared!
    Love your simple, crisp take on this look!

  7. I love her. She has great style. And love your imitation. I need to wear my wide legged trousers more.

  8. Hey hon! Win some - lose some. I just became follower #103. I'm still trying to get to #25! As long as we're all having fun, that's what matters. I love your interpretation. I'm digging the layers right now too since here in NJ the weather right now is so unpredictable. Keeps me on my toes though!

  9. Hey I am all about the layers here too with Shayla my girl who left a message right above. We both live in NJ. I will be 104. I love your jeans with the faux pockets, a bit nautical..cute. Come by for a visit. Oh, I can't help but notice that shabby chic carpet and the floral box on your shelf behind...very eyecatching too. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  10. So cute! I'm absolutely dying over that bag! Love it!


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