Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector, Daily All-In-One B.B. Cream Review

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I requested a free sample of Garnier's Miracle Skin Perfector, Daily All-In-One B.B Cream after seeing it advertised and used it for a few weeks.

It promised to unify, illuminate, hydrate and help protect skin with SPF15. So, I decided to forgo my trusty moisturiser and put my faith in these claims (although I wasn't 100% sure if this was meant to be used as an alternative or alongside your daily moisturiser).

The left handside of the photo is without the BB cream, the right is with. Can you see a difference?

Using it alone, I didn't like it as an alternative to my moisturiser as my skin didn't feel as hydrated as it normally does. It did give a mattified finish and the colour was subtle even though at first sight I was concerned about the colour of the cream. I am very pale and was sent the medium shade (it is also available in light, which probably would be much better for me) but it does melt into the skin nicely, giving me a bit of a 'glow'.

As for giving me a perfect complexion? It didn't. Imperfections do seem slightly reduced but not hidden entirely. Illuminated? A little I suppose... but not the WOW! factor result I had expected.

Anyway, I persevered and started to use it over my normal daily moisturiser, the result is a little less matt but my skin did feel nice to the touch. However, for me, this isn't the miracle all-in-one cream that it claims to be. It's nice enough but I have to wonder about the reason for using it if I have to use moisturiser anyway and the results are barely noticeable.

Before this I had been using Avon's Magix Face Perfector over moisturiser, which gives me better results, although it has no colour. I have however just discovered that Avon's Cashmere Finish Foundation has the Magix formula in it... if this is as light as the face perfector I could easily be persuaded to use it. I have some samples to try so I'll let you know how I get on...

Have you tried Garnier's B.B Cream? How did you get on?

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  1. I haven't tried the Garnier one, but I bought the 17 BB cream last week and it's fantastic! It makes my skin look so good and totally hides all blemishes. Well worth a try

  2. Hello! Just discovered your blog through @sarahbettystyle - love it. I've tried this cream and didn't really get anywhere with it. I've just bought Bobbi Brown's version - more expensive but makes me look a million dollars :) xxx

  3. Thanks for your comments :)
    I'm going to keep hunting until I find 'the one'... these two will be top of the list.

  4. Hey haven't tried this cream yet - but it looks good. Thanks for sharing.

  5. i guess i'll just have to try that bb cream myself :) so much word about it..
    loved your blog!

  6. I kind of think there is no such thing as miracle all in one product. I have tried so many things and nothing makes my complexion look better. I never even considered checking into Avon though you have my brain going now...
    Ha ha

  7. @FilipaIt is worth trying Filipa, it's a nice product, just not what I expected really. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting x

  8. @BreI think I search for a perfect all in one product because I am lazy! Hehe... and the less I have to do to get ready in the morning means more time in bed.
    Avon have been impressing my socks off recently, they're definitely worth a look :)

  9. Interesting - I've never used this, but I'm always on the look out for the 'miracle' skin product, alas I guess we'll keep looking?

  10. Great review! Now I want to get on!) I'm totally loving your blog! I 'd love if you visited my blog for multiple posts on all things fashion and style. I'm following you, I hope you'll do the same. Thanks so much.

  11. Everyone keeps going on about BB cream so I've been dying to try some but in all honesty I can't see any difference on your picture! Sorry! Let me know when you find 'the one'! :)

    Laura x

  12. @Laura I couldn't see a difference but my skin did feel nice. My search continues...

  13. ooo i couldnt agree with you more.. the garnier cream made my skin look greasy and no better. I also use the avon magix face perfector under my foundation which gives it a nice base. Ive used a few of the avon mineral powders which are nice. Im currently using maybelline creme mouse, which gives a nice cover i find but can leave you looking a bit dry. Ooo what us women go through. Im still hunting for the perfect skin look lol!

  14. Just read through this post again Hazel (looks like I didn't comment the first time). I've started using this cream and have been impressed with the results. I put quite a thick coating on (as I usually do with foundation) then a puff of powder and a bit of blush. It seems to even out my skintone to look more natural than foundation but far more even than a bareface.
    Maybe you should try applying a thicker coating (if you have any product left)?
    I know products do react differently for different people.

    1. Thanks Sophie, I'll give it another try. I have been using the Boots 17 version which seems to suit me a little better but I do hate to see things go to waste.


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