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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Here's what happened...

After a hectic week I spent a lot of time over the weekend catching up with my blog reading. I read Looking Fab in Your Forties' post 'Shopping Snob Saturday Shoe Purchases' which spoke of her trip to New Look in search of a pair of red ballerina pumps she'd seen on WIT blog.

I have to admit I rather liked them and have been wanting a pair for a while. With warmer days heading our way I wanted a pair to go with my favourite stripe top and cropped jeans. So, I ordered a pair (along with these checked beauties…. oh and a lace clutch bag but that's beside the point despite being gorgeous!).

Then, and here is the spooky bit, I read a blog post on Nikki Nakki Lou about Rock the Red Pump.

It's an 'initiative to raise awareness about the increasing impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls and encourages ladies to take action.'

March 10th is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day and all you have to show your support is don your red shoes for the day.

Coincidence? I don't think so…

Not only is a very good reason for me to wear my new shoes but more crucially it helps to raise awareness for a very important cause. In the UK alone the number of people living with HIV has trebled in the last 10 years. A statistic that I can't quite get my head around...

Will you join me in Rocking the Red Pump?

All you have to do is wear red shoes on March 10th and send me a picture for me to use in a subsequent post.

If you can also spread the word through your tweets (remembering to include the hashtag #500in50 or #RocktheRedPump!) and perhaps a mention on your blog we can remind people that HIV is still a very real problem.

Leave me a comment below if you're in and send your images to

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  1. I've ordered a pair of red shoes and really hope they arrive in time for 10th March.

  2. Do red heels count or must it be pumps? I have both, I just have a fancy to wear the heels!

  3. @Alex
    Absolutely you get extra points for heels!

  4. I won't get away with my red heels for work, but I have the morning off so will rock them round the house!

  5. @daisychain
    Thanks Hun, that's dedication! x

  6. Oh the checked ones are lovely. Won't have time to get them now but think I might have some red shoes I could use. x

  7. sounds like a great movement! i wish i had some red shoes to join in :) have a great day, sweetie!

    love, M


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