Conquering My Fear Of Hosiery...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A little while ago I wrote about my long running avoidance of hosiery. Determined to rectify this I sought the help of a few experts and made my first tentative steps into the world of legwear. I purchased these five pairs plus a pair of black 110 deniers...

Top three from Tesco, Argyles from Tabio, Stripe from Tightsplease.

I also decided to take part in Frocking Friday as a silent participant (and by that I mean I wear the dress but don't post a photo onto the Facebook page). A dress ultimately means hosiery at this time of year, corn beef legs are not a good look and so hosiery becomes a necessity.

I played it safe for the first week with a pair of black Tabio 110 denier opaques and then plunged head first into patterned tights for the second week in the form of Tabio Argyles. Since then the black opaques have become the most frequently worn.

A timely offer from Tightsplease saw the purchase of Red or Dead Strella tights. A quick word on the Red or Dead packaging - Glorious Gussets - enough said.

I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of a LBD, from Warehouse, which will work so well with not only these but all of my coloured tights.

I am now on the look out for a pair of tights that don't look like I'm wearing any... any ideas?

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  1. I swear by black opaque tights from DP, I buy them in dozens hah! I really find it that my legs just aren't pretty enough to be sporting any other colour (maybe opaque deep purple and dark grey, but that's about it). You look lovely in the flower tights (although the picture is quite small)- but I think I've told you how much I like that dress, right? The tailoring is exquisite for high street! :)

  2. @Filipa
    You have told me that Filipa, thank you lovely. It is a particular favourite of mine :O)
    I didn't think I'd ever wear patterned tights either - give them a try you may be surprised :O)

  3. Oh I am the biggest tights fan! I can not get enough of them, personally i love ASOS tights as they are alwasy really comfy and dont keep slipping down, which i hate! Hope you get on well with your quest to find the perfect pair!

  4. I love tights!! I'm obsessed lol. You can buy matte tights, which is what I usually like to stick to. I have to admit that Primark do pretty ok tights, and their Matte ones actually last (wish I could say that about other Primark stuff!!)

  5. I really like the grey ones but the argyle ones are just amazing! Love them with the blue dress. x

  6. Beautiful, Hazel! I just LOVE the second pair. You look lovely.

    xo Marcie

  7. I love them all! I am a huge fan of black tights with dresses in the winter. So chic and perfect for cold-weather looks!

  8. Congrats on braving the tights, these are great pairs to try especially the striped pair. I must have a ridiculous amount of hosiery, definitely 3 figures!

  9. @Kb
    Wow! I think it'll take me a while to get to three figures! ...but I am willing to accept the challenge ;o)


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