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Monday, September 27, 2010

Hello, I'm Hazel. Also known as Very_Hazel. I have been blogging for the Very.co.uk VBlog for the past six months and have enjoyed it so much I have decided to branch out a little. Whilst the VBlog lets me indulge my love of fashion there is more I would like to talk about, discover and share.

I enjoy blogs that post pictures of real people's style. What Katie Wore - one girl's challenge to wear a different outfit everyday - is fabulous, I'm hooked. The Uniform Project is a splendid idea that takes one LBD and tests the role of accessories to the limit but more importantly raises money at the same time. Bright Young Things created the LBD for The Uniform Project and encourages 30 Day Wear-a-thons which I find seriously tempting. One day I will do it...

I love style experiments. Recently Grazia magazine challenged writer Francesca Hornak to survive for a month wearing only six pieces of clothing. HOW is that possible?! Another interesting experiment, was another monthly challenge, to try something every day that you wouldn't normally consider ie crimped hair, harem pants or glittery mascara. I wondered what would be the things that I would try? But the best one, and maybe the one that launched them all, was Alex Martin's Little Brown Dress, much like Bright Young Things Wear-a-thons only on a larger scale, she wore one dress for 365 days. Alex finished the Little Brown Dress project some time ago and has gone on to do more which you can also read about on her site.

I am an advertisers dream, if I'm promised that a product will give longer lashes, shiner hair, smoother skin I will try it. I promise to share my trials with you and let you know what works and what doesn't. First up will be the new Lash Eccelerator from Rimmel. Product tests found 95% of users noticed a lengthening effect on bare lashes in two weeks. Watch this space...

My jewellery collection gets ever larger. Unlike my clothes that tend to have a classic, simple style I like my jewellery to be a little out of the ordinary. Chunky rings and bracelets being my preferred pieces at the moment.

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  1. ooh i look forward to seeing what you blog about here :) x

  2. I'm a fan of anyone who describes themselves as a tea drinker!! All hail tea!



  3. I came to see if you had posted and since you hadn't, decided to have a little delve! I never read this post before!

    1. It's ten years ago, which doesn't seem at all possible! I have been a little slow on the posting side recently, not much has been going on and that's not likely to change now that we're in lockdown for a second time...
      Thanks for stopping by though and having a delve :)


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