May's Photo Scavenger Hunt

Monday, May 30, 2011

I decided to join this photographic scavenger hunt hosted by Postcards From The P.P for the month of May.

I decided to take all my photographs using my iPhone and an app - Camera+ (and their clever little 'fashion' effect) and to take them as I went about my daily life. 

a butterfly

a bicycle

a cartoon character

something blue

a portrait in black and white

It was all going well until...
so I didn't get to photograph everything on the list.

I missed;
- a street light
- texture
- a sign of the zodiac
- an interesting local building
- an emergency vehicle
- think vintage!
- a red door

Annoyingly the day after I smashed my phone I went to a local Open Day with OH, where I could have photographed an interesting local building, a red door, an emergency vehicle and something vintage... gutted.

Better luck next time.

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  1. Oh no! that is such awful luck. It's a real pain once you've damaged the screen on an iphone. I hope you can get a replacement?

  2. The photos you took look so cute.I especially love the cat.I hope you get your phone fixed soon :)

  3. Oh no your poor phone!! I am taking part in this challenge next month for the 1st time - can't wait :) x PS - Your kitty is sooo cute x

  4. The photos looked brilliant. Such a shame about your phone! How'd you do it? My dog smashed my Mums iPhone by knocking it off the dressing table.

  5. I hope you get a new phone soon! I love that butterfly!

  6. Oh no!!! I dropped mine the other day and had a heartstopping moment until I turned it over to discover it was fine. Hope it doesn't cost too much to get it fixed.

    Your pics are gorgeous. I tried to photograph Oscar for my black and white portrait but he looks weird when he's not in colour for some reason.

  7. oh no, you were going so well too. I love the photos you did take. What a shame about the phone! Good luck for next month's list, I'll come back in a few weeks to see how you get on!


  8. Oh no!!! I'm so sorry to hear about your phone!!:(((( that sucks big time!!

  9. Oh my, hope it's not too expensive to get fixed!
    Lovely little pusscat photo.
    Lisa x

  10. Oh dear , poor iPhone! I love the Moomins.

  11. Beautiful photos. Poor iphone. I was a bit late with my list, I will do better this month. ~c~

  12. The cat is gorgeous - The smashed screen is not! Hope it's insured!


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