March Scavenger Hunt

Sunday, April 01, 2012

I really enjoyed this month's scavenger hunt. I used my iPhone and the Camera+ app (which is just as well as I broke my 'real' camera!), I made all the photographs square and used a separate effect on each - which ever I felt suited the image best.

I wake up every morning with my Lumie alarm clock.
It wakes me up slowly by simulating sunrise, it's so much nicer than a blaring alarm!
They say it can help sufferers of SAD, I certainly felt happier being woken up on gloomy winter mornings with this. It's available on Amazon for approximately £60.00

I have a bit of a thing for buttons. A fear of buttons is called koumpounophobia, Steve Jobs suffered from this (or so Google tells me). I'm the opposite, I find them rather tactile, friendly little things. I can't bring myself to throw away a button, no matter how ordinary it is.

(the) square

or, more accurately, my kitchen table

Great seats to see Sarah Millican at the Regent Theatre.
We weren't allowed to take pic during the show and I was too chicken to try and get a sneaky one!

street name
Rather a mouth full I thought!

My absolute favourite kind of fancy.

Those red dots? The Mendlesham Mast

Magazines, my fashion bibles.

A tool with which to create all words (and make some up)

Taken in the City of London, St Paul's Catherdral

half a face

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  1. Great selection of shots - what a road name! Beautiful tulips too. Ellen x

  2. lovely selection of pictures, the buttons one is my favourite. That Lumie clock sounds just what i need, will look into getting one.

    1. Thanks Sophie. I'd absolutely recommend a sunrise clock, it's made such a difference to me x

  3. Great minds think alike - I had the same 'fancy' as you! You've taken a lovely set of photos, well done.

  4. Such fab photos. I still have to upload mine, I think its the first time I have actually completed the challenge!

    I have that kind of alarm too. It stops me being such a grumpy git!

    X x

  5. Great selection, those French fancies are a very popular cake!
    We saw SM back in Nov, she was hilarious, hope you enjoyed the show.
    Lisa x

    1. I did thank you - she was so funny. I still chuckle when I think about it now :)

  6. A great set of photos, french fancies are very popular it seems, I'm not so keen and last time I looked the pink ones were not veggie friendly anyway. I like the sound of that alarm clock - I am just terrible in the mornings, I wonder if it would help!

  7. great pictures, I'm going to having to start practising taking pictures with my iphone. xx

  8. Thanks for the heads up on the Lumie alarm clock!!! I was originally going to take a photo of my alarm clock for my morning one but I kept forgetting! I adore your photos especially the button one! I can't resist them either! The buttons I took a photo of this month were a stash I bought when I went to Bali last! Yep, normal folk buy sarongs and batik items, I buy buttons!!

  9. What a lovely group of photos, I like the morning shot.

  10. Great photos, like the street name. I use my iPhone a lot but didn't know about the photo+ app. Must check it out.

    1. I really like Camera+ is has some great effects.

  11. Great pictures! Love the tulips and the fancies!
    I have been doing the Photo A Day Challenge, but I might swop to these scavengers hunts - frankly a photo a day is too many to collate every month!

  12. Nice photos! Love your bright buttons (quite agree, cheerful friendly little things!) and think your words one is inspired!

  13. Great photos! Love your buttons photo.


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