January Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

I hope 2012 is treating you well so far. This month's Postcard's from the P.P scavenger hunt was a bit of a challenge, but fun none-the-less. I did fail on two counts - two and odd, they just didn't present themselves. As always I used my iPhone camera, choosing the 'magic hour' effect on Camera+.

Tink, the softest kitten known to man

On New Years Eve our friend made the mistake of falling asleep, so we decided to 'decorate' him. He woke suddenly - scattering us all into hiding - this was taken as I dashed behind the dining room curtains!

in season
nothing is prettier on a crisp sunny January day

in my bathroom
way to many toiletries...

the bag shelf in my wardrobe... storage solutions required!

just so you know...

Tink, always there to keep my company, especially in front of the fire


in the distance
I see so many lovely views on my journey into work. My iPhone isn't really meant for distance shots but it's pretty all the same...

when I see a door like this all I want to do is see what lies behind

Huge thanks to Kathy for continuing the monthly scavenger hunt for another year. See the other entries here.

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  1. Replies
    1. She is just the sweetest little thing. I adore her.

  2. I am the same with doors...nosey! Love your photos.xx

    1. I'm dreadful, if I go into a church, castle or museum it's always the locked doors that I want to go behind - especially if they say something like 'authorised personnel only'!

  3. I love your scavenger hunts! Awww, I love all the cats mentioned. I'm dying to get one.

  4. I love the door, I'd like to nosey inside too!

  5. I love the way you've linked all these together :) Brilliant post x

  6. lovely shots. I am nosy about what is behind closed doors, it's intriguing... Your flowers are doing much better than mine!

    1. I have to be honest, we've just dug up our garden so it's nothing but mud! I took the Primrose shot in a garden centre... unfortunately we were only there to buy grass seed. Boring.

  7. We have the same idear, soft i used my cat also. Great photos.

  8. The under water post box was in Vanuatu, the only one in world.

  9. Tink is beautiful! A lovely set of photos.

  10. Great selection of photos, like you I really like that door and wonder what's behind it.


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