September Scavenger Hunt

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Firstly, an apology... last month I forgot to link my blog to Postcards from the P.P. Scavenger Hunt. Very bad manners indeed.

back to school

the football/soccer season
(yes I cheated)

what's in your bag?

I can't think of a better way to relax than with a sleeping, purring kitten on my lap

I happen to know a very handsome farmer that was more than happy to let me ride in his cab

a pile of things
this is my to-do pile today

your desk/workspace

a public telephone box

something taller than you


a road sign

a view from above

Phew! In August I wrote "However, I do feel a little smug at having three pics already from September's list (now watch me take no more until I panic on September 29th...)" I was wrong I didn't panic until Oct 4th...


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  1. Haha, at least you are here now! I almost didn't make it in time, I felt really uninspired by the last list and found it hard!

    Great photos though, well done! I love the harvest photo.

  2. I love your scavenger hunts. The picture for relaxing is sooooo cute.

  3. @Louise Thanks Louise, I think I would have found this one easier if I hadn't left it all to the last minute! I say this every month but I'm going to try harder this month!

  4. @Sherin He's a cutie isn't he? His purr is so loud I sometimes wonder how he doesn't wake himself up!

  5. @Lauren Loves Thanks, with that face he gets away with everything!

  6. the phone box one is defiantly my favourite , and the purring cat a close second!

  7. So funny that all the cat owners had similar photos! They really do know how to "chill-ax" don't they? Great photos this month. I've enjoyed your entries and look forward to October's list.


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