August Scavenger Hunt

Thursday, September 01, 2011

I confess most of these were taken at the very last minute... August has gone by in a blur of long working days and busy weekends. However, I do feel a little smug at having three pics already from September's list (now watch me take no more until I panic on September 29th...)

a fountain 

a boat 
(in soap)

 (my) mountain (of ironing)

street food

a picnic

market day


something bizarre
a big yellow bus, tucked off a road, with a wooden front door, well off the beaten track, miles from any bus route...


something ancient
'as old as time itself'
(okay, so I am clutching at straws here!)

A sport and a festival or funfair simply didn't present themselves... I failed :(


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  1. Great photos! I knew I'd see a few laundry mountains this month, hehe!

  2. if only my laundry mountain was that small, hehe!

  3. Haha I was going to do the ironing mountain one too! It's very lucky that I went to Edinburgh this month or I'd have been absolutely stuck on a lot of them. The September list looks easier, doesn't it?

    Really like your interpretation of the ancient one :)

  4. Great blog:)


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