July Scavenger Hunt

Friday, August 05, 2011

How has this month gone so quickly?! It's been a busy month, I moved house and have been knee deep in decorating ever since. Once again I left this until the last minute and have just managed, bby the skin of my teeth, to get the post live and linked up to Postcards from the P.P.
red, white and blue

flip flops

ice cream


a flag



sea shells



a kite
(okay, so cheated on this a little (a lot) by taking a picture of Google images, which I'm not sure is entirely allowed)
something that makes you happy (but not a person or animal!)

Note to self: In August I must try harder

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  1. Great photos Hazel. I just didn't have chance to even attempt last months. however I shall have a good go for this one.

    X x

  2. Better late than never as they say!! I thought you hadn't joined in for July so am glad to see your photos up now!

  3. @Please may I?I think the list for August is going to get some really interesting pics! I can't wait to see the results.

  4. Oh the kite one is definitely allowed. Until I happened to come across that family out kite flying, I was all set to draw a picture of one!

    Love your fields photo.


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