June Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Armed and ready with a new iPhone screen I set about finishing what I started last month. The June list from Postcards from the P.P. is a goody - tougher than May in my opinion.

I wanted to use my Camera+ app and add the 'fashion' effect only to discover that the recent upgrade saw the demise of the fashion effect... is there a dark force working against me here?

I will not be defeated. I'll just use the 'Diana' feature instead.

something with your town's name on it
an elephant
a wheel trim
 architectural detail
tree branches
a childhood memory
a farm animal
something beginning with z...
the view right outside your door

OK, so I cheated a little on some of these... it's been hectic month so some of these have been rushed. For the town's name I saw so many good opportunities for some great shots but didn't have my iPhone with me! Lesson learnt.

Looking forward to (a more relaxed) month.

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  1. Your childhood toy is gorgeous. Looks really soft :)

    Thanks for following - following in return :)

  2. Photo scavenger hunts alsways seem like so much fun! Love the great job you did with some of them.

  3. Well done on getting them all, I kept checking here but thought you hadn't taken part this time!

    I like the way you photographed cutlery. Some of mine were last minute too. I was planned to do better this month but a week has almost gone already and I haven't taken any yet!


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